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Introducing the ABB LWT 300 Series Guided Wave Radar Transmitter. Now with built in LevelExpert — An intelligent algorithm that accurately detects levels even in the most demanding conditions. With its technology based on 20 years of experience, installation data and basic process conditions are all that is needed to be entered for accurate measurement. The instrument is able to differentiate between false signals and the actual level of the product without the user having to make parameter adjustments. Onboard diagnostics assist in troubleshooting common problems without removing the instrument from the pro- cess. They also allow for safety monitoring, improved reliability, downtime reduction, and performance verification. With fast and reliable settings, ABB’s LWT300 series of instruments emphasizes measurement made easy.

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Product Features

  • LevelExpert software for easy configuration, reliable surface detection and easy troubleshooting
  • 4-20mA and HART 7 communication
  • Accuracy of 2 mm or 0.03%
  • Update Rate of 5 Hz
  • Temperature Range ( –122 to 400 °F)
  • Threaded and Flanged Process connections available
  • Integrated LCD with through — the – glass (TTG) interface available
  • Cable, Rod, and Coaxial probes available in lengths from 12in—200ft

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