Team Members

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams Draftsman
  • Alberto Rayo
    Alberto Rayo Shop Technician
  • Angel Jurado
    Angel Jurado Field Technician
  • Booker Etheridge
    Booker Etheridge Field Technician
  • Brent Palmer
    Brent Palmer Manager of Measurement Technology
  • David Alderman
    David Alderman CEO | Managing Partner
  • Eric Sanchez
    Eric Sanchez Services Manager
  • Isaac Perez
    Isaac Perez Flow Computer Technical Specialist
  • Jerry Mullen
    Jerry Mullen Shop Manager
  • Jon Kelly
    Jon Kelly Systems Support Manager
  • Josh Jeffries
    Josh Jeffries Controller
  • Ken Elledge
    Ken Elledge Business Development Manager
  • Lorna Tate
    Lorna Tate Executive Assistant
  • Lueandra Alexander
    Lueandra Alexander Inside Sales
  • Mitch Zmolek
    Mitch Zmolek Shop Technician
  • Pierre Ledee
    Pierre Ledee Outside Sales - Gulf Coast
  • R. Jeremy Poland Marketing Manager
  • Shiloh Redding
    Shiloh Redding Field Technician
  • Zachary Buchanan
    Zachary Buchanan Field Technician

to maximize profits, you need the most sophisticated solutions.


Company Values


A culture of safety is at the heart of everything we do and is critical to the protection of our people, the environment, and our customers’ assets.


We believe that everything we do for our customers should exceed expectations and demonstrate excellence.


It is vital that we cultivate an environment of trust with our customers, suppliers, investors, colleagues, and communities.


We are committed to challenging the status quo with new and creative approaches that have the potential to change our industry.


We believe in the promotion of free thinking and the exchange of ideas that lead to innovation and value for our customers.


We are passionate about taking action to move beyond our customers’ expectations.


We provide a competitive edge by being alert to change and moving decisively to address new challenges as they emerge.