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CRT Services is a technology company specializing in products and services for the liquid hydrocarbon industry. Drawing on decades of experience we develop and integrate precision technologies to improve our customers’ ability to control and measure the flow of the nations natural resources. It is our approach to providing custom integrated solutions and services that set us apart from our competition. Regardless of the project or customer need, we focus solely on the art of continuous improvement. Our company uses the technologies and services that will fundamentally advance the individual project. The results are tangible benefits for our customers, our industry, and our business.

Field Technician

Entry Qualifications

EDUCATION: Associate Degree in Electronic Technology; Military or Industrial equivalent.

EXPERIENCE: 3 to 5 years field service experience in meter instrumentation.

SKILLS: Able to troubleshoot and repair electronics, electrical, pneumatics, and hydraulics. Must have excellent communication skills.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Possess good knowledge and well versed in flow measurement technology, hydraulics, process control, pressure, temperature, and density compensation and mass flow technology.

OTHER: Self-reliant – good interpersonal skills – leadership qualities. Able to lift 50 pounds. Requires 70% to 80% travel.

Work Environment:

Extensive travel with short notice likely. When in the field the Field Service Technician is subject to extreme heat and cold conditions (rain and snow), high noise levels, heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and less than desirable accommodations. Safety equipment being required. When in the field; walking, standing, and climbing (onto equipment) may be experienced.

Physical Demands:

Manual dexterity in order to use a wide range of tools associated with the service work. Daily on-site activities require being on one’s feet, moving in and about the system/project, climbing to work areas, while accomplishing the requirements of the customer’s order.

Major Responsibility areas:

PERFORM START-UPS ON SITE: 1. Inspect installation. 2. Test systems function per specifications. 3. Repair or replace defective components. 4. Train customer personnel in system operation. 5. Train customer personnel in first level maintenance.

RESPOND TO SERVICE REQUESTS: 1. Trouble-shoot system malfunctions to isolate the cause of defective components. 2. Perform scheduled preventative maintenance. 3. Install scheduled system maintenance. 4. Perform scheduled calibration service. 5. Respond to domestic and international service and travel.

MAINTAIN RESOURCES REQUIRED TO EXECUTE SERVICE ACTIVITIES: 1. Participate in scheduled training. 2. Ensure availability of required supporting documentation. 3. Ensure toolkit is adequately stocked with required tools.

REPORTING: 1. Maintain and submit accurate expense accounting. 2. Generate and promptly submit service reports for invoicing purposes. 3. Maintain and submit accurate time records. 4. Finding and reporting new service contract leads. 5. Finding and reporting new equipment sales to the regional sales office.

PROMOTE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION WITH PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. 1. Provide prompt response to service requests. 2. Ensure that all test and repair standards are implemented. 3. Promptly refer problems, which cannot be handled by direct action, to the responsible person or department. 4. Prepare and schedule maintenance contracts.


1. Provide in-house training on designated products.

2. Design and implement system modifications.

3. Participate in the development of diagnostic techniques and procedures.

4. Provide technical phone support to field service representatives and customers.

5. Provide on-site training and assistance to field service representatives.

6. Prepare and submit billings.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $18.00 to $30.00 /hour

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Shop Technician


  • High school or equivalent


  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Clean driving record
  • Drug test required


  • Primary duties are to maintain the shop cleanliness
  • Performs a variety of tasks such as washing, cleaning and detailing vehicles
  • Loading, unloading, and storing parts and supplies
  • Maintaining work areas
  • Follow safety standards in performing work and report unsafe conditions to Lead/Manager in a timely manner and maintain tools and equipment
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • walk, lift, reach, stoop, stand, grasp, balance, climb, kneel, and crouch
  • work in various inside and outside environments being subjected to weather changes,
  • noise, vibrations, job hazards and atmospheric conditions
  • visually inspect small defects and/or small parts
  • use a variety of measuring devices
  • assemble parts at or within arm’s length
  • operate machines, motor vehicles, hand tools, and job-specific equipment and tools
  • observe general surroundings and activities
  • use communication by means of spoken word to express or exchange ideas
  • specialized personal protective equipment

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $12.00 to $18.00 /hour

Manufacturer Assembler

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Company Values


A culture of safety is at the heart of everything we do and is critical to the protection of our people, the environment, and our customers’ assets.


We believe that everything we do for our customers should exceed expectations and demonstrate excellence.


It is vital that we cultivate an environment of trust with our customers, suppliers, investors, colleagues, and communities.


We are committed to challenging the status quo with new and creative approaches that have the potential to change our industry.


We believe in the promotion of free thinking and the exchange of ideas that lead to innovation and value for our customers.


We are passionate about taking action to move beyond our customers’ expectations.


We provide a competitive edge by being alert to change and moving decisively to address new challenges as they emerge.


CRT Services has detailed that employment preference be given for having served in the Armed Forces of the United States on active duty (for reasons other than training) during periods of war or any other campaign, expedition, or engagement for which a campaign badge or medal is authorized by the United States Department of Defense. The preference to be accorded eligible veterans shall apply in initial employment, subsequent employment, promotions, reassignments, horizontal transfers and reduction in-force situations.