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Flow-Xpert Calculation Software

Interested in the Flow-Xpert calculation software?   As a leading provider of software and support for the Hydrocarbon measurement, CRT-Services regularly recommends the Flow-Xpert.  Spirit IT Flow-Xpert Calculation Software, developed by ABB, offers the most comprehensive formula library on the pipeline market. These calculations have been verified by many of the world’s leading metrology testing agencies.  In addition, many end-user experts attest to the value of the ABB flow products line.  At CRT-Services, our clients utilize this handy application on their smartphone to perform several different industry calculations.  As a versatile mobile application, professionals can use the app on the field or in the office.

Features Of Flow-Xpert 

Spirit IT Flow-Xpert is based on the Spirit IT Flow-X flow computer calculation library used in numerous installations.   Plus this tool has been verified by many test laboratories based out of oil and gas companies. This handy application will provide all the typical fluid and hydrocarbon property calculations that are needed for custody measurement such as (AGA, API, ASTM, GERG, GPA, ISO etc.).

How To Find & Use The Free Apps 

Free iOS and Android apps can be used to verify single calculations. Additionally, the Excel add-in allows configuration of your own tool to verify & audit flow computers, volume correctors, EFM’s and RTUS.  This paid enhancement boosts functionality and saves hours of manual accounting.   The DLL interface allows for the integration of proven oil and gas calculations in any automation system.  For customer accessibility, Spirit IT Flow-Xpert supports both the metric and US Customary versions of the AGA and API implementations.  Our sales team will be happy to visit with you and suggest the best utilization of the Flow-Xpert for your firm.

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Flow-Xpert Download Links

Download Android

Download Apple iOS

Flow Xpert Technical Data

Calculations supported:

  • AGA3, AGA5, AGA8, AGA10, AGA-NX-19
  • GERG-2004, GERG-2008, SGERG
  • API 11.1 (Tables 5, 6, 23, 24, 53, 54, 59, 60), API 11.2, Historical API 1952 tables, API, API, API Table E NGL/LPG (TP27)
  • ASTM D1550 CTL, D1550 Rel. Density, ASTM D4311M, ASTM D1550, D3588, D411
  • GOST8-586
  • ISO-5167, ISO-6976
  • GPA-2172, GPA-TP15
  • IAPWS-IF97 steam and water tables
  • NIST-CO2, NIST-Ethylene Viscosity, NIST-1045 Ethylene
  • IUPAC Ethylene
  • VCone calculations

Flow-Xpert Specifications

Flow-Xpert Specifications


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