Installation & Startup

CRT Services can provide field service assistance including all required control panel field termination wiring and/or PLC programming, and also complete system testing at your facility or at the final installation site. CRT tests all control panels at our facility simulating field condition prior to shipment and encourages our customers to participate in these tests.

However, it is not always possible to “run” a system under true field conditions and loads during shop testing. With the addition of this service, our customers can take advantage of running their completed system. Any required changes can be noted and corrected quickly and cost-effectively.


Meter & Valve Repair

Our in-shop repair capabilities include the repair of virtually all types and sizes of gates, globe, check & ball valves as well as PD, turbine, and Coriolis meters. A vertically integrated shop environment allows us to routinely perform operations that other valve service companies have to out-source. In-house capabilities mean the job is performed quickly and in a cost-effective manner.


Transmitter Testing & Calibration

Field service technicians have extensive experience in the field of process instrument calibration. We perform calibrations for pressure, temperature, flow, level, force, and other specialized measurement parameters. Typical instruments to the mentioned parameters would include transmitters, sensors, transducers, controllers, and switches. We have the capability to perform these calibrations on a bench level or as part of your control and instrumentation loop. To set us apart from the competition, we apply a “laboratory-grade” approach to field applications. This way, the customer is able to get a better picture of the performance of their instruments and assets and its corresponding effect on their processes.

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Flow Meter Calibrations

CRT Proving Services are executed by highly skilled measurement experts who combine professionalism, safety, detailed documentation, and modern equipment to deliver leading liquid calibration solutions.

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