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The ideal combination of performance, size, and affordability all in one meter. The CoriolisMaster offers high measurement accuracy, easy installation, and a compact design. This meter is inherently maintenance free due to it’s space saving design that has no moving parts and larger tube diameters that offer minimal pressure loss. The CoriolisMaster is also versatile offering a variety of transmitter options tailored for specific applications. ABB now offers VeriMas as an option. An integrated device verification and diagnosis, which includes a built in erosion monitoring function that creates a “fingerprint” of the measuring device. As a basis for automatic, continuous monitoring. When used with the Flow X, VeriMas allows you to schedule, alarm and print out reports at ANYTIME, from ANYWHERE, as long as you have an internet connection.

Bill of material based on characteristics

Product Features

  • Easy set up functionality
  • Compact Design
  • Near Zero Pressure Loss
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Multiple Transmitter Options
  • Optional VeriMas & Flow X offer customizable , convenient reports

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