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ABB CoriolisMaster

The ABB Coriolis Master features accurate flow and density measurement of liquids and gasses, sophisticated production lines, state-of-the-art design, innovative technology, and a Coriolis mass flow meter of the highest precision and easy handling.  The ABB CoriolisMaster, a measurement made easy.  The key elements of the ABB CoriolisMaster are oscillating tubes. Mass flow creates a phase shift of the oscillation. A very robust sensor housing protects the vibrating tubes and eliminates interferences from outside. Larger tube design produces a lower pressure drop.


ABB Reliable Flow

ABB’s common measurement products operating concept enables easy, quick, and safe commissioning as well as a reliable operation of flow, pressure, temperature, or density measurement. The display is operated by capacitive keys. The housing does not need to be opened.  Our ABB Coriolis Master provides the sensor application memory, a maximum of safety for calibration, user, totalizer, error, and event log data. The types of output can be selected from a wide variety and can be configured and combined flexibly. Option cards provide up to five outputs and a 24-volt power supply output is available. For easy and flexible installations an integral, as well as a remote version, is available.


Digital Measurement SmartSensor

The fully-digital SmartSensor solution puts all measurement calculations right on top of the sensor where the measurement happens. The number of connecting wires is reduced to only four.  The integrated VeriMass verification diagnoses possible tube erosion or coding affecting meter accuracy. VeriMass can be operated through the local display, the control system, or a PC. With the ABB local adaptor, the PC can be connected without the need to open the housing. The verification report summarizes the meter status and shows meter trends.


ABB CoriolisMaster Production

The ABB Coriolis Master is produced with sophisticated production lines. Specially designed laser welding robots assemble the tubes and housings with a minimum of temperature impact, highest stability, and long-lasting accuracy. Wires 10th of a millimeter thin are connected by experts to implement the highest quality standards of ABB. Every flow meter is calibrated on accredited test rigs automatically. Several sizes of highly accurate scales make every meter traceable to national standards.  The Coriolis flowmeter technology is ideal for many demanding applications. ABB production technology for precise measurement, mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature, and concentration with a single device. The ABB Coriolis Master, a measurement made easy.


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